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A Chapter is one of several bodies of clergy in Roman Catholic Church with a long tradition. It is a community of priests, usually appointed by a Bishop. Canons gathered in a Collegiate Chapter oversee a Collegiate church.

The community of priests comes together to celebrate the liturgy and to pray. A Chapter also designates an independent ecclesiastical authority, a juridical person that carries out secondary economic activities. It thus creates an appropriate environment for development and protection of cultural and spiritual heritage that the Church has preserved for centuries.

Around 1070 the Vyšehrad Chapter was founded by Vratislaus, Duke and the first King of Bohemia as a body of his closest collaborators. It has existed without interruption ever since.

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EN Charter of the Vyšehrad Chapter

 4/24/2020 | The first written report of the Vyšehrad Chapter is found in the Chronica Boemorum by Cosmas.